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Tasty breakfast buffet

More than 100 different products to choose from! Really very extensive!
(Depending on season and number of breakfasters – daily changing and adjusted) We try to list it briefly :

Assortment warm (in bain-marie):
Continuously freshly baked bacon, freshly scrambled egg, fresh soft boiled eggs

Assorted bread :
wholemeal bread, white bread, abbey bread, brown bread, coarse bread, multigrain bread, pumice seed bread, malt bread, Kempen bread, Tuscany bread, sultana bread, white toast bread, coarse toast bread, etc.

Assortment of choice sandwiches – pistolets :
white piccolo, brown piccolo, white farmers’ pistolet, brown farmers’ pistolet, emperor’s roll natural, emperor’s roll poppy seed, emperor’s roll sesame seed, emperor’s roll multigrain, piccolo multigrain,

Choice of croissants and coffee cakes :
sugared sandwiches, freshly baked croissants, chocolate croissants, apple flap, apricot flap, cherry flap, coffee butter cakes, coffee butter cakes with sultanas, etc.

Choice of sandwich fillings and cooked meats:
Chicken breast, salami, ham, veal cutlet, filet de saxe, chicken curry, Parisian sausage, Cobourg, ham on the bone, turkey filet, Panda and/or Bifi sausages, mayonnaise, Ketchup, etc.

Choice of cheeses :
Abbey cheese, old cheese, Bruges cheese, Camembert, Rochefort, hotel cheese, Petit pré, Brie, apero cheese, many kinds of cheese spread, Babybell, mini Babybell, Chaumes, Port Salut, Président, La Sapinière, Coeur de Lion, Camembert des Ducs, Herve cheese, Trappist cheese Chimay, Affligem Bruges, Maredsous, Grimbergen Orval, Brigand/Watou Chevagne (goat cheese), Père Joseph

Choice of jams and honey :
strawberry jam, multi-fruit jam, four-fruit jam, apricot jam, cherry jam, raspberry jam, orange jam, Liege syrup, meli solid honey, meli running honey, various kinds of sugar-free jam, Nutella chocolate spread, other brands of chocolate spread, Lotus caramelised biscuit spread,

Assortment of various Kelloghs breakfast cereals :
gingerbread Vondelmolen, gingerbread break4you, Lotus double up gingerbread, gingerbread with apple-raisin, gingerbread with milk, gingerbread with chocolate etc.

Choice of yoghurt :
Bifidus yoghurt, optifit cholesterol, weightwatchers fruit yoghurt, Danone Vitalinea range, full fat yoghurt range, low fat yoghurt range, everyday yoghurt range, Danone Danio mini strawberries, Pur yoghurt Natur, Danone Activa fruit yoghurt range, yakult, Bifidus yoghurt, Saveurs Patissières,

Choice of Plain cheese :
various whipped fruit cheeses, fruit quark,

Choice of desserts :
fresh rice pudding on Saturday and Sunday, rice pudding in a jar, cream dessert, milkshake strawberry, milkshake chocolate, milkshake vanilla speculaasmousse, chocolate dessert, chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, pudding caramel La Laitière, dessert cream chocolate, vanilla dessert cream, chololademousse (freshly made or pre-packaged according to season) strawberry drink for children, chocolate milk (cold and hot), milk (cold and hot), crème brûlée, dessert liégeois, Tiramisu (pre-packaged or fresh)
mixed fruit salad, fruit salad with pears, fruit salad with apricots

choice of 2 kinds of cake on Saturday and Sunday

Choice of fresh fruit assortment according to season:
Bananas, apples, pears, cherries, plums, apricots, kiwis, oranges,

Choice of fruit juices :
Orange juice, apple juice, apricot juice, pear juice, forest fruit drink, strawberry drink, probiotic drink, whole milk, semi-skimmed milk, still water, mineral water, sparkling water, chocolate milk, etc.

Choice of butters and margarines:
Rochefort dairy butter, Vitelma, Vitelma light, Becel, etc.

Choice of coffee and tea (as much as you want)
Normal coffee, expresso coffee, decaf coffee, hot milk, hot chocolate, Wiener Mélange, Hot water for various teas
Mint tea, black tea, Earl Grey tea, lemon tea, Melissa tea, green tea, chamomile tea, lime tea, rosemary tea, russion earl grey tea, etc.